Sunday, March 11, 2012


It's been over a year. Not only do I not blog anymore, but I hardly even read blogs anymore! But I had a baby, and I feel like I'm missing out on recording part of my life, so here goes. Again.

Gibson Loras Price was born on October 18, 2011 around 6 PM. Funny how with your fourth child it's hard to remember the details. He was six pounds seven ounces. Just a little guy. Labor was about as easy as they come, and he is the sweetest little baby. He is almost five months old and reminds me so much of Jax as a baby. He's just even tempered, happy all the time, and ALWAYS moving. It's the curse of being a Price. Oh, and he's a puker. No one told me how awesome that is. I love him. I think I love him more because he'll be my last. It's time to move on from that phase of my life. I'm definitely ready:). But here he is:

This is the day after he was born, maybe???

The day after I had him with my sistas. At least two of them. My mom was there too, somewhere.

This is from a few weeks ago. If you think he looks like Jax and Bo, it's because he does. We only have one mold of child around here, and it only involves Evans genes in personality.
I dig him. Last but definitely not least:). Oh, and three boys and a girl? Perfect.

Bo turned three on Friday. He might be the coolest kid ever. He NEVER stops talking, but he is hilarious. And a huge brat at the same time. He's kind of my little sidekick. As in, he doesn't leave my side during the day. But I love having some time just me and him. He is only into Lego Ninjago these days. That's it. He wants nothing to do with anything else. He is so awesome. But I remember loving this stage with all my kids.

BK Crown = best toy ever. And the spots on his blanket aren't that bad in person. But it's being washed right now.

Emory is just....Emory. I love everything about her. Even when she's emotional and can't control it. Like I don't understand JUST how that feels. Welcome to being a chick. She is in first grade and loves school. She loves reading and to jump rope. I couldn't make her any better if I tried.

She got her ears pierced for her sixth birthday in August. I love this picture because she had to come to me instead of dad because he wasn't there. She is her daddy's girl.

Here she is at her spring recital last year. She loves to dance. And I'm just dreading the time she tells me she wants to do drill team or something. Because as fun as it was, I'm just not cut out to be that mom. But I am so lucky to have a girl around to balance out all the boy stuff.

Jaxon turned eight last July. He is in second grade and read all seven Harry Potter books in six months. And now we can't get him to pick up another book. I guess HP just ruins it all for you. He also loves Lego Ninjago. Many many screaming fights over which guy belongs to who. Some days I want to throw them out the window. Jax is just who he's always been - a great kid. He is helpful and smart and kind, with just enough selfish and snotty to not make him annoying. He has learned the art of sarcasm, which is absolutely necessary for survival in our house. He's fun to have around. And I think I've got about two years before he's bigger than me.

Poor kid had to get his appendix out in January. That was fun. As routine as it is, it's always a little nerve wracking to send your child under anesthesia. But he did fine. Just enjoyed a week at home playing with toys.

Here they are. I think the babe was in bed at this point. If they sit down to watch a show, they sit right next to each other and cuddle. It's cute and kind of cheesy at the same time.

I am getting my butt kicked with four kids. One to two wiped me out, two to three was great, and now here I am again - exhausted. It doesn't help that my dang kids can't stay healthy this year. But life is definitely looking up from where it was this time last year. This last pregnancy was hard, emotionally and a little bit physically. Too much going on to deal. Lots of anxiety and a few panic attacks. But here we are, and we survived. My mom is healthy and doing well. We have a brand new baby. Trav only has a year left on his PhD, and it's mostly writing. I have good friends and funny kids. We live in a great area, and Trav has great job. Now if I could just get my head on straight, things would be great.

Here's me and my five siblings at Amy's wedding. I like this pic because we NEVER have pictures of all six of us. It was a good day. And Amy's husband is

Trav is still super cool. He is the stability to my crazy. He is funny and calm and hard to offend. He knows when things should bother me and when I should let them roll off my back. It's been a rough two years, and I wouldn't trade him for anything. We had our ten year anniversary in December (crazy) and I can't help but feel like life only gets better. Even when things are hard, doing them together makes them so much better. I love him and would be so bored and sad without him.

Here we are in Seattle last May. We went to see his niece on her first birthday. She has Down syndrome so the first birthday is kind of special:). We love being together just the two of us. Unfortunately that doesn't happen often. Now he just needs to take me to Cancun.

There's the last year in a nutshell. I know I've missed a lot because my brain doesn't work anymore, but I'll try to add bits and pieces as I remember them. I can say at this point that I am cautiously optimistic about life right now.


Lexi said...

I freaking love you. And your kids are perfect. I love them and am super sad that we make poor choices that force us to be so far away.

Mike and Kristin said...

Katie, I'm so happy you posted again! I just really love hearing about how things are going over at the Price home! The kiddies are looking cuter than ever. I'm so happy things are going well! Miss you!

Ashlee said...

How funny that you just stared up again. I too, just realized it's been at least a year since I've read a blog of anyones.So here I am reading yours. Congrats on the new baby last fall.!!! He's adorable. Fun pics.