Sunday, March 28, 2010


I'm going through a phase, and it may not last. But I'm starting to feel passionately about something. If you're interested in helping women around the world, check out this site.

Be sure to watch the video.

Also, this site is great.

Or this one.

It might be because Travis just got back from Africa, and plans to do work there for as long as they'll keep him, or maybe it's because of a discussion I've been reading, but I realized today that the hard parts of my life are different than the hard parts of other people's lives. Maybe if we all share the things we DO have, then we can all get what we need.

Just a thought. Or suggestion.

And I'm pretty sure most of the people I know who read this blog have at least ten dollars to donate:).

Also, if anyone knows of any other good sites, or organizations, please let me know. Especially things in this area that we could specifically go out and do.

And, if anyone is interested in joining a lending team with me on the kiva site, please let me know. I think it would be awesome.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Disclaimer: This post will have almost ZERO pictures. Because Travis always steals my camera. So if you don't like words, stop reading now.

I'm in a weird mood tonight (weird=emotional). Probably for a few reasons. One being that I'm just about to start my period. Hallelujah for not being pregnant...yet. Two that I'm lonely. My husband's been gone a long time. And as annoying as he can be at night, I'm starting to get bored without him.

The main reason I'm in weird mode is because of these:

Okay, really, I know, who would have ever thought I'd like being a mother? And that I'd want a bunch? Definitely not me. I haven't always been the sweet, nice person I am now (said in a sarcastic voice). And I didn't used to be such a softie.

The other night at my mom's, my daughter, who is mostly crazy, asked my mom if she could take her scriptures home and have them. Once I got past the embarrassment of never having bought my daughter even one of those little blue sets of scriptures (which are free, I believe), I told her she couldn't have those but maybe grandma had some others she could have. My mom gave her a book we read when I was little with all the scripture stories. One of those ones with pictures that dumbs it down for those of us who go comatose if we read too long. We got home and of course my annoyingly spiritual children asked if I would read them. I read them the first part about the council in heaven. As Jax was walking down the hall to brush his teeth, he stopped and had this conversation with me:

J: Hey Mom, can we set a goal?

K: Sure.

J: Can we read scriptures every night?

The guilt set in right before he said he changed his mind and he only wanted to do it every Sunday night.

I love all my kids. In fact, I truly think there is something special about each of them. Special traits they have that Travis and I notice and know they were sent here with them. But right now I'm thinking about Jax.

We've always said that he didn't come here just for us. That it wasn't just Travis and I that needed him. We were just the lucky ones who had him first. He bridged a very broken relationship between my dad and I. He gave my siblings the desire to follow the right path to be an example to him. He gave my mom something to be excited about when her life was falling apart. He has taught Emory more than we ever could. And he's just plain brought fun to Travis and I.

The other night we got in an argument. Yes, even the good kid gets whiny and screams at me sometimes. When he calmed down and was in bed, he apologized and cried for how he acted. While he was praying he asked Heavenly Father to bless him that he wouldn't act that way again. Remember, he's SIX. He's always been spiritually sensitive, like his daddy. He cries and hugs us when he feels the spirit. I was so proud of him for asking for help to make himself better. He truly wants to do what's right.

Now I'll get to the point of this long post. I've felt very safe with Travis gone. My kids have been amazing, and I haven't run out of patience. Our home feels peaceful, other than that we're missing someone. I feel calm, when typically Travis is what calms me.

I think Jaxon knew I was going to need a little extra help. I think that he asked me to set that goal to bring the spirit into our home. To keep me calm, and to help the kids make good choices. Sometimes he's smarter than I am.

I don't read my scriptures regularly. I get bored, to be honest. I just don't have the commitment I need to do it every day. But every time I do, I'm amazed at how something so simple can make things feel so right, and so much better. My outlook on life improves every time I sit down to read. I don't know why I don't try harder.

We read the story of Noah tonight. About how Noah preached to people for 100 years to stop being wicked, and to repent.

Life is scary and hard. I get tired of defending my beliefs. I get tired of watching bad things happen, and seeing horrible people get away with horrible things. But tonight I thought of how Noah must have felt, after pleading with people for so long. It makes me think I can stand a little bit longer with the hard stuff. And it gives me faith that God is in control, and that good will always win, even when it doesn't seem that way.

Now that I've got my emotions out of the way, I think I'll go watch Pamela Anderson make a fool of herself.

I also have to mention that tonight Emory prayed that we could "feel in our church and our gospel". I think that means feel the spirit. She also prays nightly that Travis can drive home safe from Africa. I love that child.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BoBo's Bertday

Uh-oh. It happened. The little guy turned one. We had a good fun day, as much as you can for a one year old. Cause come on, let's face it. They could care less about what's going on. But he was happy all day. Of course, because he is always happy.

Here he is in the morning when we went to get him. See that little chunk of hair sticking up on the right side of his head? We call that the "sleep wing". His dad and his brother also get them. Even if they sleep for two minutes their hair always ends up sticking up like that. Even if they don't sleep on that side. It's crazy weird.

After we took the kids to school, we took a little trip to the doctor. What kind of mom takes a baby to the doctor on his birthday, and for shots too? The kind who understands that he is ONE and will not remember any of it. We then went to Wal-Mart, and he kept falling asleep in the cart. I thought I recorded it, but apparently I just took pictures. Everyone thought I was crazy standing around laughing at him.

He would catch me laughing at him and he would giggle at me. He's so happy.

We had a little dinner with cake and ice cream and presents.

The present he loved best was the Star Ward guys from Jaxon. Seriously.

He's not sure what's going on, but I think he likes the lawn mower.

And if he doesn't, Emory sure does. Notice her outfit. We wear it at least four times a week, whether it's washed or not.

Little look-alike boys. See that guy in the back with the freaky moustache? That's Trav's brother Jamey. I keep trying to explain to him why he's not finding a girl to marry, but he just doesn't seem to get it. Moustache = Creepy. But apparently, it's moustache March, so who am I to judge?

Not so much on the cupcake. He grabbed the frosting and smeared it in his ear that is still infected after three weeks. Awesome.
We ended the night in our new monkey pjs with Kenley's binky. He looks like such a tool here.
He polished off a successful birthday by barfing all over his crib and then sleeping through it and rolling around in it and smearing it in his infected ear. That was so much fun.

Total baths for the day = 4.

Bo's not walking yet. He started scooting at about five months and decided he was good with that. He just barely started crawling on his hands and knees about a month ago. He weighs 22 pounds and is 30 inches tall. And his head is monstrous. He doesn't have any teeth. He waves and claps his hands when you ask him to, and says da and ma. He is the happiest baby when his ears aren't infected. I really couldn't ask for better. He laughs like an old man and growls when you growl at him. He absolutely adores Jaxon and Emory. And he gives big open mouthed kisses, but only to his mom. He loves his mama best.

We call him Boberto, BoBo, Boski, Goski, GoGo, Bowen Constrictor and R2D2, to name a few.

I'm interested in something from those who have three kids or more. Is there always something special about your third? I should be bored by now, but I could sit and watch him clap his hands for hours. Travis and I just stare at him sometimes, and I don't even remember being this interested in my first two. Even being pregnant with him was a good experience. And I HATE being pregnant. But I felt a connection with him from the second I found out I was pregnant. It was weird. Anyway, maybe I'm crazy. Or maybe he is just as special as I think he is.

Just ignore my singing in the background on this video. And my awesome video making skills.