Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Sad Tonight...

My baby is sick. He ruptured his eardrum. The antibiotics give him diarrhea so he has a really bad rash. He still smiles at me all the time. But I know he's hurting.
Emory is struggling lately. She doesn't see her dad enough. Her brother is growing up and leaving her behind. She's real sensitive. (Or could it be her mom who is so sensitive?)
People say mean hateful things about my religion.
Sometimes I worry that I portray some of those things that make people feel mean and hateful about my religion.
Travis is in Mississippi at a dork conference. I wish he were here to make me laugh.
I'm tired of loving my husband so much and never seeing him.
I paid a bundle for a freaking pair of pants for my birthday and had them hemmed too short. Go ahead, call me shallow. I dare you.
I've been working a little lately. Brings up all sort of conflicting emotions. Am I doing what's right for my kids and for me? Is this part of the reason Emory is struggling? Am I asking too much of others?
How in the world do you ever feel like you're doing enough for your kids? Like you're not missing opportunities, or putting them off when they need you, but still feel like you can keep yourself sane?

I'm trying to look at things this way:
My baby still smiles even when he's hurting.
Emory has a sensitive heart underneath all that crazy spunk.
I have a religion that centers me and my crazy life.
I try hard not to offend people. (But really, you have to want to be offended, in my opinion.)
My husband has a solid, steady job at a real scary time and all sorts of opportunities are opening up for him.
Travis has the opportunity to further his education, and guess what? Weber pays for ALL of it.
I have a job that will let me work when I want extra money, but not so much that I have to feel like I'm "working". My kids have so many people who love and care for them.
I'm doing the best I can. Really. And MOST of the time I feel like it's definitely enough.
How bout I just be happy I have people who love me that I love?

I'm bored with myself now.

Love these two.

Love this girl.

They're freaking insane. But super cool.

Really, shouldn't it get less fun the more you have? At this rate I'll never stop.
Oh ya, and my damn basement is freezing. I think I'll go to bed and try again tomorrow:).

Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Fun

THE birthday was crazy this year. By THE birthday I mean mine. And my grandpa's. We did some serious partying, in an 80 year old way. But it was super fun. And at the reception that night for my grandpa, the Price family really got wild. It was a good day. I'm so thankful I share it with my sweet grandpa. I'll post more pictures later.

And going through pictures, I just found this. Was he really this small? What happened?

I love my family.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christmas Drama

Oh and here's a little bit of the Christmas cheer at our house. We let them open a present on Christmas Eve. Apparently they did not like the present. I almost punted the little one across the room. But they apologized sufficiently so they still got to have Christmas the next day. I was super angry at them for this one. But now it's just funny.

Look at Me Go...

Another post, and not even two weeks later. I'm getting better.

I've also learned that if you ever want a bunch of compliments about how cool you are, you should just do a post like my last one. Will everyone see through me if I start doing that every few weeks??

Over the next few posts, or months, or years, it will become obvious that I absolutely ADORE my third child. All my babies have been happy. I've always had really good kids. Jaxon was just about the easiest baby ever. But this little guy just exudes (for lack of a better word) happiness. He smiles ALL the time. You just look at him and he laughs. Anyone who knows him knows I'm not exaggerating. He still cries and whines, just like every baby. But his little goofy smile makes up for all of it. I went to the store yesterday, and I opted to take him with me. Because he's so fun to have around. I just wish he's grow some teeth so I can feed him without being a stress ball.
We might have let him go crazy with an ice cream sandwich...

...and then proceeded to cut his hair without washing him off first. He was not a big fan. Don't worry, this is the third time I've had his hair cut since he was born. They get that dang thick hair from their dad.
This is my happy child and his girlfriend Kenley. He mostly likes to climb her and suck on her head. I guess that's how you let a girl know you like her at his age. He has absolutely no boundaries when it comes to personal space.

And of course, the other kids are just as great. They really are good kids. But just so it doesn't seem my life is too fluffy, they're still kids. They still whine. And ask for things every six seconds. And lately they've begun the fun habit of picking on each other. That's probably my favorite thing they do. Not.

But isn't she gorgeous? She looks like her aunts (Trav's sisters). I can't complain about that. Oh, and one more picture of Bowen with a huge smile on his face.
Really, he never stops. Except for that month when he was fussy, and we just thought he was teething or had a cold, so we ignored him and complained about how he wasn't sleeping. Then finally I took him into the doctor and he had an ear infection and some serious congestion. I guess you can take that whole "I refuse to take my kid to the doctor for every little sniffle" thing too far.
And Travis, please, just one time when I leave, can you not do something with the kids that might involve them breaking their necks? No wonder they're so excited when mom's gone and they get to hang out with dad. But, I will say the entire mess was picked up by the time I got home. The pictures were the only evidence.

Jax is the coolest kid. Even if the Lego Star Wars obsession is getting out of hand.
She's insane. But I like her. Think she's built like her dad? I never had legs that long. Even at 28.

Trav gets the award for best dad ever. The worst part is we did it again the next day so I could see it. And as we were laughing, Jaxon walked over and took the toy and told us to knock it off because it was mean. Glad there's one adult in the house.