Thursday, September 30, 2010


Stole this off Facebook. I'm posting two separate links for both parts on You Tube. If you have fifteen minutes, please do me a favor and watch this. Talk about putting life in perspective.

Here's the first part.

And the second.

If you do watch it, please leave a comment with your favorite line. Here are some of my favorites. Keep in mind I'm paraphrasing.

God sustains you in his mercy, even when you hate him.

There are things we can learn only from the weakest among us.

I'm a princess.

Men - you were made for greatness.

Women - you were made to be fought for.

It's just another jewel in my crown.

Very, very cool. (That one's from me.)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I guess two weeks in between posts isn't too bad. I've been meaning to do this forever, just obviously haven't gotten around to it. I hate when people state the obvious.

Things are good. I'm feeling much better. Miscarriage was super emotional drama-o-rama at our house. I'm not one of those people who likes to be sick, or who likes life to be hard. I don't enjoy the attention I get from it. In fact, I'm uncomfortable with it. And before you think "who likes to be sick?", admit it. Some people really enjoy getting attention from negative things. I'm not one of those. Although I do like attention. Just prefer the positive kind. is good. Settling into a schedule with the kids, and just trying to enjoy the time I have with Trav.

Here's BoBo. He's my mean child. He screams at people and beats up on kids. And he won't go to nursery on his own. Kill him. I have THAT kid. Hate that. But he is so freaking cute. He puts a backpack on every day and follows Emory around like he's headed to school with her. It's as big as he is, and since he still walks like he's drunk, it about knocks him over. He thinks he's one of the big kids.

Can we say "Little Jax" anyone?

The Booty (yes, that is her nickname) started dance. She loves it. Loves it loves it loves it. I do not care one bit if she grows up to be a soccer player, dancer, or tuba player. I just want her to do something that makes her happy. I feel that way with all my kids. I'd prefer they be smart than that they play sports. Cause come on, half the people you know who played football in high school? They're fat now. It's the valedictorians who really had their future in mind. Plus I don't want to pay for college. But anyway, she's so freaking cute.

First position. With a banana, might I add.
This kid makes me giggle every day. I wish I had so many moments of his life on video tape. He's about as thoughtful as they come. On Saturday, he was up before us and watching TV. Travis came out to see that College Game Day had been recorded. Jax just looked at him and said "I recorded it cause I thought you'd like it." Such a good boy. BUT. He's kind of lazy. We're working on it. Here he is at gymnastics. I love watching him. He's good. But lazy.

Here's some fun videos of him. Notice how he lands on his head a lot? I'm about ready to start punishing him if he doesn't straighten his arms. But in all fairness to him, his arms are really short. They barely reach over his head. AND his head is real big. So it's a little tougher.

Am I the same mom who just said I don't care if my kids are good at anything? Please ignore me in the video. I sound like a psycho. Which I am.

Now I'm going to go sit by Travis on the couch, and we're going to connect our Ipods and we're going to play a rockin' game of Scrabble. Cause that's what married people do on Sunday nights. At least until eleven. After that we either go to sleep or.......

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This is a video of Emory opening her birthday presents. She is obsessed with the little Asian kid from the old Indiana Jones movies. Anyone remember Short Round? She's quirky like that. Forget Princess Leia, she loves R2D2. Princess Peach or Daisy? Nope, give her Toad or Toadette from Super Mario Brothers. She always loves the odd character. It's part of what I love so much about her. So for her birthday, I found a Short Round figurine on Ebay and bought it for her. Here she is opening it. Watch how happy she is, and then how embarrassed she gets.

I asked her later why she was so embarrassed and she told me because Short Round is a boy, and she's a girl, and everyone was at Fazoli's watching her. She makes me laugh.

Now here she is when she gets a Toad figurine. Listen to her laugh. That is pure happiness.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fresh Start

Obviously I have given up on the idea of blogging. Until I got this text from my husband the other day:

Will you got back to blogging? Not for other people but to keep some sort of record of our cute family. We don't scrapbook or write in journals or anything, so your blog was the only record of our life and our life is so so good.

Oops. Hard to say no to that. So I wrestled back and forth with the idea of starting a new blog. With making one private and just for us. Instead I worked out my password issues with blogger and just decided to start fresh. So here is where we are in life.

Jaxon started first grade. He absolutely loves it. Of course, he is the smartest kid in his class. No, really. Well, okay, he's the one who gets to read the menu, because he does read really well. I thought that was great until he came home the other day and I asked him what he had for lunch and he said "chicken warp" instead of chicken wrap. And I thought about how smart he probably looked in front of his whole class. He just looked at me and said "Well, why is there a W there?" Good question, kiddo. Don't make fun of his smile. And in all fairness to the other kids, he is a year older than most kindergarteners. I'm not allowed to say we "held him back" but I can't remember how I'm supposed to say it. Let's just say he's a really good kid.
Uh-oh. The day finally came. We did not "hold her back" or whatever I'm supposed to say, both for my sanity and hers. She and Jaxon are both late summer babies, but she is ready. And she does better if she's closer to her brother.

She is my princess. She is outgrowing all the bad that comes with the word "girl" and turning into the sweet. She is funny and kind and wacky. She makes me laugh all day long. And she waltzes out the door like she the queen of the world on her way to school. I thought it would be hard and I would be sad, but it just makes my heart happy.

She told me the other day that she has a new second favorite new school outfit. I asked her what it was and she said the one she had on. She then looked at me and told me she had no idea it would look so cute on her. Yes, my kids are like miniature adults. They talk like it, too.
This is my most recent picture of BoBo. I love him. He is at the best and worst stages of being a toddler. The best because everything is new and exciting, and he does something new every day. The worst because he doesn't understand why he can't do things yet, and he wants to do everything himself. It's frustrating. He finally got tubes in July, and has slept like a baby (ha ha) since then. It's funny how much more you love your kids when they sleep. He's starting to talk. I'm not allowed to say he's "behind" but at this point my other kids were reciting poetry. He says DA a lot. And GINKY, which is binky. But I absolutely do not care. He has been so much fun. It's like discovering all over again how fun it is to have kids, but after you've already learned enough to be able to let all the unimportant things go. He nods his head when he likes something. He steals Jaxon's Star Wars guys all the time. He screams bloody murder if he wants something. Until I pop his mouth. He is tall and skinny, just like his daddy. And he has the four of us wrapped around his finger.

Travis just started up what will be his third year of his PhD program. It is rapidly getting old. Or it did a long time ago. You remember when it was fun to say you were in school? We passed that point about six years ago. He's getting frustrated. It's getting hard for him to go, and hard for me to be supportive. But we're doing it. We've always known it's the right thing. I made him take the summer off (I won't tell you how I got him to agree to that) but I think it may have saved our marriage. We love each other. A LOT. But almost not as much as we needed to. We took the time to actually vacation as a family, play together, simply lay around the house, and learn to get sick of each other again. So it's great.

He also started teaching back up at Weber. He's worked out his schedule up there to lighten up his fall load, again to increase the chances of us staying married. He's a great teacher, and the students love him. But that often translates into less time to get work done when students want to hang in your office all day. But he does what he does because he loves the students, so I only get mad at him about once a week for it. I sure am a downer about school lately, aren't I? Weber is a great place. It has been nothing but good to us, and nothing can steady you like having a solid job with solid benefits when so many others are losing theirs. So we're lucky. Very very blessed.

He had a fun summer. He went to visit his sister in Washington for her fourth baby's blessing. She's tough and she's had some hard things to deal with. This summer she had her fourth baby, her first little girl, who was born with Down Syndrome. And Baby Abby is beautiful and perfect, so Travis had to be the first to meet her. He also spent a few days driving his little brother Jamey to Ohio to start medical school and help him fix up his new house. I think that was pretty painful though cause Jamey is a total crap. He's like the more annoying version of Travis. But we miss him.

He also took his third trip to Mozambique this summer, and finally saw some animals. They took a day and went to Kruger National Park in South Africa. When he's there they spend a lot of time in meetings or observing labs, so they don't have a lot of time to do anything but hang in the hotel. This time it worked out to actually do something to experience the culture. It was an awesome experience for him, but a long ten days out of my life. It's a great thing for him to do, and I imagine he will be going back a few times every year for the next few years. Maybe one day he'll even take me. Except what would I do all day, in Africa, by myself? Boring.

These are the people he works with. I would be lying if I said I knew who they were. I know one is from Chicago with ASCP, one teaches at a University in Louisiana, one is a student at Weber who served his mission in Mozambique, and I would imagine the others are from the CDC office in Mozambique. As you can see, Travis is definitely the coolest. Or the one with the most facial hair. Either way.

I'm doing okay. Just being mom. My responsibilities don't change on the semester like Trav's do, but it's still always an adjustment. I love being back on a schedule, I love the fall weather, and I love only having one kid at home who naps and gives me a three hour break. I do love being a mother. It's the most rewarding thing in the world. It's also the hardest thing in the world.

We've had some negative things happening lately. I know, shocker. Nothing bad ever happens to us. We found out we were expecting number four about a month ago. We planned this one, same as we did our others. Kind of figured it would go like the others. You think by number four you've got it all figured out right? And I wanted to be done having kids early enough that I could still enjoy my husband after they were all grown. Went to the doctor last Friday and found out the baby didn't have a heartbeat. I'm so dumb about this stuff I had no idea what the doctor was saying. Were we going to have a baby with problems? Was I going to be high risk? No, Katie, the baby isn't alive. Oh. Now I get it. Silly me, I thought my body would immediately do what it needed if the baby died. Apparently not. Being frustrated that I was still sick and miserable, and not wanting to wait until my body decided it was time, I had a D & C on Tuesday. Without going into detail, it was a surprisingly pleasant experience and physically I recovered almost immediately. Emotionally, it has been much harder than I expected. If you ask me at 1:15 how I'm feeling, I may say fine. And at 1:21, I may be a basket case. I feel completely post partum without the baby to offset the sadness. Just trying to let myself feel it and let it go.

That being said, I've had some personal experiences that make me know it happened for a reason and that it will be okay. I just need some time. And it helps to maybe be able to understand a little bit why things are the way they are. And even though it's still hard, it DOES help that I have three healthy children and absolutely no reason to think this would stop me from having more. I'm going to be just fine.

So in answer to Trav's request, I think I'll start blogging again. If for no other reason than I NEED to sit down and count my blessings regularly. This helps.

This is what's going on in my basement right now. And I'm being requested to snuggle with. I think I'll go do that. Then I'll work on getting myself psyched up for Peach Days.

I'm going to work on simplifying my life these days. Less emphasis on being perfect and getting everything done, and more emphasis on being me and enjoying each phase of my life. Especially with the little monsters. Because it seems each phase I enter, the more I want the old phase back. So I want to learn to just be happy where I'm at.