Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We had a little impromptu family photo session the other night, being as it was the first time all six siblings and all their kids have been together in about a hundred years. It was...interesting to say the least. My house looked like a bomb had gone off in it after we were done. Here are some of the results.

I sure do like this baby when his ears aren't infected and his collarbone isn't broken. Yep, that's right, he fell down three stairs and managed to break his little collarbone. It really was very sad for about three days, after that I got real frustrated with the crying.

I just have to put this one in there, because really? Look at BoBo. So cute. Jaxon struggles a little with pictures.

Here is all six of us with dad. Angie looks like she's my second head.

Mitch and I look married and so do Amy and Chad. Can you tell my face is all swollen? I hope not.

I. Love. This. Kid.

She can be such an angel and such a psycho at the same time. But I do love her big brown eyes.

Grandma & Emmer

These are about as good as it got with all the grandkids. Really. It was very difficult. And very loud.

Who's kid has a plug in his mouth? Mine does! Whose kids are not looking at the camera? Mine aren't! Whose kid is picking her nose? Not mine!

And of course, it has to end like this. Otherwise we'll all kill each other. We are rather intense. Someone should tell Mitch it's creepy to lick his sister's face. Oh, and Amy.
Thanks, Meem!