Friday, January 29, 2010


Does anyone even read this anymore? Besides the spam comments and my sister-in-law who leaves snotty comments about me not updating? Is it even worth trying?

Of course. But I'm not going to try to catch up on the last four months. We had Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, family visits, family parties, school activities, Bowen's first year, Trav's trip to Mozambique, birthdays, etc. and I just don't have it in me to try to recreate all that. But I'm going to try better. I'll probably be a lot better now that I took the time to figure out how to get pictures off my new camera.

I had a discussion with some friends about how I started to hate blogging because I didn't feel real. The second I found myself putting things on here to "impress" people, or show people how great my life is, I wanted to quit. Or the second I found myself posting things with certain people in mind, hoping they would see what I was posting. Because I can't stand the "fakeness". So I decided I don't give a crap what anyone thinks. If I say something stupid, or if we're poor one month, or if I want to punch my kids in the face, I'm just going to say it. That's who I am. And sometimes life is awesome, and sometimes I wonder what I've gotten myself into. Some days I couldn't love my family more, and some days I wish I was my 18 year old sister. But ultimately, I'm pretty dang satisfied and content. And MOST of the time, really really happy. And trying harder all the time to live in the moment and enjoy the period of life I'm in. Because I know in five years, I'll look back at now and think about how easy it was.

But, here are some of my favorite pictures from the last four months. And I do love my family. Very much.

Really? Seriously? He's the cutest baby ever. All you have to do is look at him and he laughs like a little old man. Anyone have to wonder why I want another (or five more) already???

Good thing Melanie loves me. We (by we I mean Travis and the kids) went sledding lots of times.

So few pictures of Travis and I. And we're so annoyingly in love. And the damn dog won't stay off the couch. We both look really stupid here, but I love him.

My kids LOVE their cousins. And the Wii. Emory's a freaking princess.

I know it's blurry, but she's so cute. I love gymnastics.

It's the Price coming out in them.

Just looking at him makes me want to smile. And look - you can tell Christmas really did happen at our house.
I love this picture of him, because I just sat there and laughed and laughed as he literally threw that heavy tree on top of our car.

Look, Lex. An update AND your soul went to Africa. And now it resides on my dresser.

I love this picture. Travis took this on the beach in Mozambique. Does this not show things perfectly? This gorgeous coastline. But, wait. A used condom in the water. I don't know why, but that strikes me as really funny. And really tragic. Although I suppose it's good if you're thinking about controlling the spread of AIDS.

Now I'm going to work really hard to make sure it's not another four months before I post again.