Sunday, August 23, 2009

Epic Post

So, where did summer go? I'm not even going to try to catch up on the last two months. I'm just going through the camera and posting the stuff I can remember. So here goes....

Jaxon played t-ball for the first time. It was super cute. Except the first time he hit the ball and ran right to third base. He's still cute though. And his head is huge.

We moved Aunt Amy to Ephraim. She's going to Snow. I was sad for us, happy for her. I was very jealous when we left her. What a fun phase of life. Emory is still recovering from her leaving.

Here's me with my mom and two of my three sisters.

I love this child. Talk about huge heads.

Aunt Angie & Bo Bo.
She looks super excited to be there huh?

We're buddies.

Turns out I have the damn cutest kids ever....

He's so scrawny. But I love him.
We spent much time at the pool....

...doing sweet moves...

...and teaching each other to jump in.

Went to the ward campout.

Celebrated Em's 4th birthday. What?? Where did my baby girl go?

Bo got some quality time with Nana.

My sister Mandi had her little boy in August.

Bo had his first taste of ice cream. Grandpa Kurt doesn't know what "no dairy" means.

And Jaxon's 6th birthday. He'll start kindergarten next week. I'm a little emotional.

We took a new life insurance policy out on Travis for when he kills himself doing something stupid.

And he went to Chicago with some random chicks. Just kidding. They're his students and they were there for a conference.

Just in case any of you were wondering who my husband really is, I found this picture. Yes, that really is urine in that cup.

Here's the staph infection that kept him home from Africa. Did I mention he should have been in Tanzania for two weeks teaching? Free of charge for us? Well, being the smart guy he is, he went tromping through a bunch of weeds while fishing and ended up with a staph infection four days before he was supposed to leave. It was a bad week. But hey, we bought a new camera for it, so at least we have great pictures of him NOT going on safaris in Africa. These are super old. I don't even know if these are my favorites but I got tired of searching for them, so here's the few I picked. I think these were taken in May.

And just in case anyone wonders why we live where we do, here's the answer.

I'm sure I will find more to post from our summer, but for now we are focusing on Emory starting preschool tomorrow and Jax starting kindergarten next Monday. As much as I love summer it's going to be nice to get back into a routine.