Thursday, February 26, 2009


Can only end in tears. Don't worry, Em's butt crack is always hanging out.

He looks bigger than this room. He is very tall.

I love the smile on his face. Jaxon's face, I mean.
I cringe whenever dad brings out the kid's mattresses to jump on, because it usually just means a mess. Yep, supermom is more worried about the mess than her kids having fun. But I couldn't pass this up. The kids are flying all over the room. I'm just waiting for someone to get hurt. It will probably be Travis.

And here's a picture of Em and I bonding a few weeks ago. No, my face isn't really that fat.

Love that girl.

And here she is. 36 and a half weeks. I won't look at the camera because I look like I'm dead. Doctor says I'm almost to a three, but he's just trying not to make me mad. Soon enough. The dog is so confused about everything in her life right now.

Sweet pants huh? I opt to get right back into my pajamas as soon as I get home.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Birthday!

I turned 28 on Friday. And had a great day. I also spent some time in the same hospital where I was born, 28 years ago, with one of my favorite men in the whole wide world. He was receiving treatment for prostate cancer in the same place he came to watch me be born - on his birthday. I love being born on my grandpa's birthday. I know he loves me best:). He is truly one of the greatest men I know.
I make Travis promise me that when we are old he will love me as much as my grandpa loves my grandma. He always tells me he will love me more. Awwwww.
When I was a little girl, I would come visit my grandpa for our birthday, and he would take me to a little drive up flower shop to buy me a carnation. So, this year, I took him carnations and he bought me some. I think that's why I love carnations - but aren't they the funeral flower? Morbid.
Cute man. He was so uncomfortable, but put up with all of us bugging him so we could be together. We've never been apart on our birthday, and I've even travelled several places to be with him. And he came home three weeks early from a mission once to celebrate with me.
Here's the whole clan. My aunts Linda & Michelle, Angie, Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Me & Bry, Aunt Donna & Little Sami, and Amy & Emory. Apparently my grandpa has lots of women who love him:).
My sisters took me out to lunch after. What would I do without them? They keep me sane. And then awesome Amy took my kids for the night to Angie's house, and watched all our kids so we could go out. And this is what happened....
I love how huge Brylee's head looks. That's barely bigger than it really is.
I had a great day. I am very well taken care of. I guess you could call it spoiled. Travis took me out to Red Lobster that night and we got to spend some quality time together with no kids. Have I mentioned that my husband spoils me? My mom hosted a family dinner on Sunday night and made me my favorite food and cake. And then my mother-in-law took me to Red Lobster again last night - have I mentioned I love crab??? I got lots of awesome presents, but even better, I had a great day.

Have I mentioned I'm really spoiled???

Monday, February 16, 2009

Made My Day

So Travis and I are working on finishing the basement. We have about one thousand boxes we should have gone through when we moved (four years ago) and we didn't. So today I was going through all the old kid's clothes that we have. And I came across a treasure.

Anyone remember these babies? Hot stuff.

That's right. I finally parted with all the old leotards and Rockette stuff. Why in the world, ten years later, do I still have this crap? And better yet, I've moved it TWICE. I laughed for a good twenty minutes. I haven't seen this stuff forever. Pretty stylish.

Travis made me throw away the pillows. Jerk.

Anyone remember the Dancing Like Crazy t-shirts??? Come on, Lisha, I know you do.

How sad. I really thought I was a babe.

And even better is the pictures Aubrie found for me for my birthday. Those get their own separate post when I scan them:).

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Top 20 Things.....

I love about my kids. I need to do this. For myself mostly. I become Meltdown Mama when I am pregnant, and naturally it comes out at my kids. Jaxon spent the night at a friend's house last night, and so I got some one on one time with Miss Emory, and as I was laying by her, tickling her back and giving in to all her demands, I thought about all the things I love about her that I want to remember. So here are a few of them:

1. Her pointy little chin. She has the daintiest features, kind of like a fairy. And I've always loved how her chin gets pointy when she pulls a certain face.

2. How she calls me Mom. Not Mama or Mommy, but Mom. Like she's 25 or something.

3. Her little figure. She is tall and skinny with a chubby belly and no bum. Keeping pants on her is an adventure. Obviously, she's not built like her mother.

4. Her love of everything princess. Dressing up in princess dresses, wearing tiaras, watching princess movies, etc. Such a girly thing, and I love it.

5. How she tells me I'm her best friend.

6. How she used to say Dera instead of Dora, and grr instead of girl, and ferk instead of fork, and der instead of door, and on and on and on. And now, how she enunciates each word to say it right.

7. How she has to listen to the same lullaby my mom sang to us when she is going to sleep.

8. Her hair. She has the perfect texture of hair, and it has little blond highlights in it when the sun hits it right. And how she lets me take the time every day to do her hair. And how she makes me use all my expensive hair products on her hair because she has nicer hair than I do.

9. Her stubborness. Have I mentioned she's a lot like me?

10. How even when she's being stubborn, she wants to do the right thing. It's like the little brat part of her won't let her.

11. How she tells me EXACTLY where and how to tickle her back. Little stink. Another thing she may have gotten from her mother. We both drive her daddy crazy.

12. Her maternal instincts. How she carries her stuffed animals around wrapped in washcloths for blankets, or how she used to use baby wipes for a blanket for this ugly little doll she has. She loves taking care of things.

13. How she cuddles with me every single time I lay down on the couch.

14. Her precious little voice when she sings. She really sounds like a little angel. Funny how that same voice can make such ugly sounds sometimes.

15. How much she loves her daddy. They have a special bond, one I would never want to infringe on. He reads to her, tosses her around, watches movies with her, builds forts with her, all the things she loves to do. No wonder she gets so excited when he gets home.

16. How she will eat anything. She loves pasta, beans, sour cream, salmon, and plain baked potatoes. But ask her to eat chicken nuggets and she'll look at you like you're nuts. She has a very advanced little palate.

17. How she wakes up so happy. Mornings are the best time with her. She is so sweet and happy as soon as her eyes open.

18. The time I get to spend with her while Jaxon is at school or with friends. We go to the mall, to the store, or just stay home and watch TV. But I could just listen to her talk the whole time. And I usually do.

19. How much she loves her Grammy, Grandma, Grandpa Kurt, aunts, uncles, etc. She makes everyone feel so good when they see her because she is so excited to see them. Except Aunt Amy. She's a real stink to Aunt Amy.

20. That when people tell her she looks like me she gets mad and says "I don't want to look like mommy, I want to look like Emory!" She's an indpendent little thing.

20a. How the iris of her eye is so big. There's hardly any white around her big brown eyes. They're huge and beautiful and perfect. I love her big brown eyes.

Now, for Jaxon. Isn't it funny how different your kids can be, and how exactly the same at the same time? I see so much that they have in common, and then so much where they are totally different and it makes me crazy. And sometimes I think they are just like me, and other times I think they are just like their dad. At the end of the day, when they're sleeping, I always come to the conclusion that they are huge blessings, and perfect little spirits. I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father entrusted these two to me.

1. His big old head. It has always been huge, and I have to admit it's one of my favorite parts of him. He's pretty much grown into it now, and I think it's so cute. Except when he uses it as a weapon.

2. How when he smiles, it lights up his whole face. He has dimples all over (his sister didn't get any) and his eyes crinkle when he laughs. He looks like the happiest person in the world when he laughs.

3. His prayers at night. They are incredible. Trav and I always stare at each other like "where did this kid come from?"

4. His obsessions with different toys at different stages in his life. Cars, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, etc. It's like he can't not think about them, and he spends hours and hours arranging them.

5. His dancing. It's hilarious.

6. His chubby cheeks. If he's like his mom and his aunts and uncles, he'll have those for a long long time.

7. His sensitivity to the Spirit. It's amazing how sweet the kid can be. He picks up on things Travis and I don't even notice. He's very special.

8. His love of learning. He counts down the minutes until school, and he soaks up new things like a sponge. We obviously have had to learn to be more careful what we say around him after a few embarrassing incidents.

9. His love of flip flops. He would wear them year round, every day if he could.

10. His fascination with sharks. And how he can tell you any trivia fact about them, or tell you what they eat, or tell you which ones are dangerous and how dangerous, etc. Like I said, he's a sponge.

11. How he consciously works hard to be a good example to his sister, to remember to be a gentleman, and to take care of his mom.

12. How every single time they ask for volunteers in primary he raises his hand. We have given more talks, prayers and scriptures in the two years he's been in there than any other kid.

13. Same as Emory, how much he loves his dad. How he tells me he loves me best but dad is more fun. He wants to be just like his dad. He told Travis the other day he wants to grow up and work at Weber State and have an office right by his dad so he can go see him all the time. I couldn't hand pick a better role model.

14. How if he tells me he loves me best, he has to tell his dad he likes him best so neither one of us get our feelings hurt.

15. His ability to empathize with people. It's above and beyond his years. He once saw a balloon in the air at a carnival, and he worried about who had lost it for an hour because they would be sad. It gets old, but I love how sensitive he is.

16. That I can count on him to be a good big brother to all my kids, and even to my nieces and nephews who don't have older brothers. He's a good kid to be born first. A natural leader like his dad, and spiritually sensitive like his dad. He teaches his sister more than I ever do.

17. How he sings along in the car to all my music. And plays the air guitar while he sings. With both hands. Tricky.

18. How much he loves me. He's growing up a little bit, and he doesn't have the need to be with me so much, but he has been my boy since he was a baby. He adores his dad, but nothing can replace his mama.

19. How he will argue with Travis and I about things we obviously know better. Like how he asked me the other day what 23 plus 23 was, and I told him 46. He argued with me that it was 47, then finally told me he was going to ask his dad because he would know better. His friend's mom is his primary teacher, and she said he will argue with her like crazy. Little know it all. Unfortunately, he got that from both his parents.

20. That he loves video games. Just like his daddy. And his daddy spent many years playing video games and not hanging out with friends, and he turned out okay. In fact, if Jaxon could grow up just like his dad, I would be thrilled.

20a. How grumpy he is when you wake him up. How if he takes a nap it will be for three hours, just like me. He's a sleeper. I love it.

So there you have it. They're special kids. I don't really expect anyone to read this, this is more for me. I need to remember daily all the things I love about these kids because it gets really really hard to be patient right now.

Here's hoping the next one, and if there's any more after that, are just as perfect.

Monday, February 2, 2009


So Emory is totally insane. I really think she is. She talks to herself A LOT and she rambles on and on when no one is listening. But this is how our conversation went the other night.

Me: Trav,when do you think we need to work on stopping the voices in Emory's head?

Emory, runs down the hall screaming: No, don't stop the voices!!!

Now she just named her stuffed elephant Baby Jesus, and I have to hold it. Feels a little weird.