Monday, September 14, 2009

Uh Oh

I'm behind again! Couldn't get the dang camera to connect to the computer. Travis says it's operator error. I told him to shut up.

Here's the first day of kindergarten. Surprisingly not as sad as I expected it to be. He loves it, although he says they don't teach him anything he doesn't know. Someone thinks he's smarter than the rest of us. Here's him and his friend Parker waving goodbye.

These little boys are all from our neighborhood and are all the same age. It is so much fun.

My little man grew up super fast. Good thing I gave birth to his clone in March.

Here's Boston and Bowen. They're the only boys this age in our ward, and Bowen is a month older. Do you think my baby is skinny???

This little kid is special. I love him.

My favorite thing ever. Emory and Daxton at preschool. For some reason Em is a little more shy than Jax, so it's harder to get her to leave me. And I don't do clingy, so it's been a little rough. But she loves it, and I get three hours off from my older kids two days a week. School is the greatest thing ever.

Isn't she pretty?
They're probably going to get married. Won't this picture be cute on their wedding video? He gets her backpack for her and holds it while she puts it on. Kids grow up too fast. Have I said that yet?LOVE this boy. Doesn't he look just like Jax?

Ya. I have four monkeys. Really, is climbing trees that much fun when you're 30?

Have I mentioned how much I adore her lately? She's my best buddy.

Why is it cool to take pictures of your kids jumping off things?

Birthday party at the park for a friend's birthday.

He loves his mama best. He giggles when he sees me.

We took the FrontRunner to Salt Lake to play in the fountains with the Sumkos. That was a journey. The kids had a blast.

We also met the Brillster and Angie there. Don't you just love this girl's face?

More pictures from Em's birthday party. Grammy bought her this fun scooter thing.

Grandma and Bo Bo.

I can't get over how pretty she is. Teeth are a little weird, but whose aren't at this age?

Love my kids. And where we live.

Sometimes just watching the kids play with dad makes me tired. Do you think this fort ended in tears? Yep, pretty quickly.

If you know the Price family, you will see how my children fit right in. Probably my favorite picture of them ever.

They have turned into the best kids. Who knew it got easier as they got older? They are so helpful and fun.
Well, I'm off to get four little boys to school. This ought to be fun:).