Monday, June 15, 2009

What Time Is It? Summertime! It's Our Vacation.....

It's been a crazy month! We've had lots going on this past month. Here's a few samples of what we've been doing.

The kids flew some kites and discovered it gets really boring after a while.

My baby turned three months old!

Jax and Em spent lots of time hanging out...

And went on their first date. Awww.

Amy graduated from Weber High and from seminary.

Bo bonded with his brother and sister.

Do I not have the cutest kids ever???

And we celebrated Kristin's and Amy's birthdays.

We also finished our basement! Which is part of why I've been out of commission for awhile. We moved the Internet connection downstairs, but not the computer, so I've only had computer access when Trav brings his laptop home.

It's rained A LOT the past week. We've missed out on lots of pool time.

Travis started his third semester of his PhD program and I discovered that we may just not really get along until he's officially done with school. We actually do pretty well, but I am so done with him being in school.

We had stake conference this weekend and Elder Holland came out to split our stake and make a new one. It's awesome that there is so much growth in this area. We love it here so much. The adult session was one of the most powerful meetings I've ever attended. It's nice to have a reminder not only that Heavenly Father loves each of us no matter what, but that we have an older brother who understands how we feel and that He has called such good men to guide us and lead us here on earth. Where would we be without them?

We're loving summer. I don't even mind the rain. But it's a little sunny today so we think we'll hit the pool while we can. Life is good!