Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Due Date

is today. I am so happy that instead of being pregnant I have spent the last few weeks doing this:
Look at his cute little fist grabbing my shirt. I love him.

He's such a sweetie, although someone should have reminded me how demanding newborns are. You can't tell them to wait ten minutes when they're hungry like you can older kids. But it's so much fun and I love having a baby. Thanks for this outfit Chan, and thanks for the blanket Lisha. My friends take good care of me.
If you think he looks tiny, it's because he is. My smallest baby, and he just kept losing weight. But he seems to have gotten the hang of eating now, so I'm not too worried. He's tall and skinny. Can't imagine where he got that from.
A few other things that have been going on at our house:

Travis doused my kids in whipped cream one night while I was gone. They did whipped cream artwork on the table, then on themselves, and drew faces on themselves with whipped cream. They make comments now all the time about the fun things they get to do when mom is gone.
We call this one the hair spike. Trav does this in the tub with her with shampoo. Apparently it works even better with whipped cream.
Travis took Jaxon skiing. If he gets going too fast, instead of stopping, he just sits down. Dork.
Do they really go from that small to this big that fast?
And the dog got busted for sleeping on the couch in the middle of the night. She gets away with it until we have to get up with a baby. But doesn't she look cute all cuddled up?

And I have eaten one thousand of these (seriously, my sister bought me a whole box)
and one thousand of these. Oh the joys of being post partum. I get to eat whatever I want and pay whatever I want for it no matter how much Travis mocks me.

I am still feeling overwhelmed and blessed, and very very tired. So far he's not the best sleeper:). But we have been so well taken care of. I am amazed at the amount of thank you notes I have to write. People are so good to us.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


that my Heavenly Father loves me.

I have had a great week. My emotions are very close to the surface because, well, I just had a baby. The spirit is so strong around him. I can feel how thin the veil is. I can feel how special he is, and how sacred my responsibility as his mother is. I can feel how much his father in heaven loves him. And how scary it must be for him to let these babies go, when he's not sure they'll make it back. And he's not sure they'll be well taken care of.

I can also feel how much He loves me. And that maybe He's a little bit proud of me. And that anytime I have to wonder if I'm special, or wonder if He wants me to be happy, all I have to do is look around and see all that He has given me. Particularly these four people.

This man is the greatest blessing in my life. I wish I could express how much I love him, and how much he does for me. You only have to meet him once to know he's one of the good ones.
And these three. Wow. I must have really done something right to get them.

I'm a happy, really really emotional girl:).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Pics of My Baby's Birth

Bowen Ronald Price. March 9, 2009. 2:11 AM. 7 lbs, 20 1/2 inches.
Travis thinks he looks like his Grandpa Ron. We think they must have been best buds before he came to earth. I wish for Travis that his dad could be here physically, but I believe he is so much closer than we realize. Especially times like these where the veil feels so thin. These little spirits are so special.

Well, we're settling in as a family of five. I need someone to teach me how to be a mother of three kids. And how to pay attention to my older kids while being totally absorbed with my newborn. It's like meshing two worlds. Is there enough of me to go around? I'm hoping I figure it out soon. But I'm so happy. And so blessed. Just scared to death.

And this one is the bunk beds daddy put together while we were waiting to see if my contractions were regular enough to go to the hospital. Do you think they're excited? I love it.
We had so many people take care of us the past few days. But I have to say a special thanks to my two sisters, Amy & Angie. Amy happened to be over on Sunday when we walked out the door saying we may go have a baby. Leaving her with little to no instructions, we came home two days later with a newborn to a clean house and no dirty laundry. With very happy kids. She is only 17, but is wise beyond her years. She and Angie were with us when Bowen was born (don't worry, Grammy came and slept with the kids), and they kept me sane and made me giggle when I felt like I was going to come apart. Then they scrubbed my bathrooms, brought presents for ME and brought my kids to see me at the hospital whenever I wanted. Words can't express how thankful I am for them.

Thanks to everyone who helped. Watching kids, painting my toenails, bringing me treats, gifts, dinner, or even just visiting and making me feel special. It's hard to have a baby when you have two other kids. Who knew? We are so well taken care of.

I am a happy girl.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby Bowen

He's here! Born at 2:11 AM, 7 pounds even, 20 1/2 inches. I pushed four times, for three minutes. Literally. I'm very lucky. And I have very stripey hair right now.

We of course, adore him already. Especially since he came over two weeks early. He is perfect and hasn't cried yet. He loves his mama. His big brother and sister are totally in awe, and a little weirded out by the whole thing. And do I really need to tell you how his daddy feels about having another baby?

The blessings just keep on coming.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

All By Myself!

I went into labor all by myself! I've been having contractions all day long, so we decided to come in. Keep in mind I'm still two and a half weeks from my due date, and I don't do anything on my own usually. But I was at a four, so the doc broke my water. I don't think he was happy to have his Sunday night interrupted. So now I sit here, waiting. Nervous and anxiety ridden. Why doesn't it ever get less scary? Number three and I'm still scared to death. I hope it never gets less exciting or special to bring a baby into this world. I'll keep this updated, or Travis will when I need him to be quiet. He talks a lot when he's nervous. And when he's not nervous.

Anyway, guess we better pick a name!