Thursday, March 13, 2008


"I'm not sure Oreo can say they're milk's favorite cookie. Like how can you even ask milk that? Is there like a dairy association that decides?"

Sunday, March 9, 2008


This is my cute sister Melanie. Again, just pretending. I may be in trouble for posting these pictures. She's a beauty. I love her and hope my girls look just like her. Emory already kind of does. She is one of the funnest people I know. She's wacky and crazy and fun. I love doing stuff with her, or just sitting around and talking to her. She is so fun to be around, no matter what you are doing.

This is Courtney. I have absolutely loved Courtney since the first time I met her, when she was four. She's almost eleven now. She is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met. She is so so smart. And the best little helper. Trav and I got to go stay with the Wellman kids while Mel and Jeff went to Hawaii, and Courtney was the best helper. I love it when she's around. She is the sweetest little cuddler and I LOVE to cuddle.

This is Lizzie. I have only one problem with Lizzie - I've only seen her twice. Once when we went to baby sit her, and she was only about two months old, and once in California when things were so freaking hectic I didn't get to spend any time with her. But she is so cute. Lucky for me, I love newborn babies, so I loved hanging out with her in Arizona. I even liked getting up with her in the night. I think she looks just like Melanie. She's such a cute baby - I hope I get to see her lots this summer. Hint, hint Mel.

I love all my nieces and nephews. When I got married, there were none on my side, and like five on Trav's side. Now there are 7 (almost eight) on my side and 14 on Trav's side. I love having big families. It makes life so much more fun. I just wish Lexi made some girls. Hers would be beautiful.

I couldn't leave her out. This is my sister Lexi and her awesome husband Lance. They don't make girls. Only boys. Lexi had three boys under four, and her middle son is autistic. She is the most amazing and patient mother I have ever seen. Her boys are crazy and wild, and she just deals with it. She's the coolest, and they are awesome little boys because of it. And she is so sarcastic and funny. I have the funnest in laws in the world. Now, if I could just convince them all to live within a thousand miles of us. Apparently they don't like us as much as we like them.
Well, in my earlier post, I somehow neglected to mention a few of my FAVORITE nieces. But, you see, that's easy to do when their PARENTS take them so far away from me. And only bring them to visit about once a year. But when I do get to see them, I love them. I even have best friend necklaces with them that I wear.

These little girls belong to my sister Shelby and brother-in-law Jaymeson. (She's not really my sister. I just pretend. She's Trav's sister.) The one on the left is Sienna, the one in the middle is Preslie, and the one on the right is Camryn. They are all so sweet and pretty, and so very different. Shelby (the babe in the middle) is the mom. Many of you have read her blog and think she's pretty cool.

Sienna is one of the smartest little girls ever. She has the most beautiful eyes, and the most naturally pretty color of hair I've ever seen. She is sweet and funny and very intelligent. She is so fun to talk to, because it's almost like talking to an adult. And she is so helpful and nice to me. She makes me feel good about myself.

Cams is a very special little girl. She is so incredibly unique. She is creative, artistic, funky, pretty, smart and funny. Camryn is a sensitive little girl. She wants to make people happy and doesn't like it when they're mad at her. She makes me laugh with all the crazy things she does. Like when she wore a cape every day for the longest time. And one glove. And called herself Red Fashion. And I think she is absolutely adorable in glasses.

Preslie is the cutest little pudgiest baby. She is a sweet little thing, and I love her giggle. She loves to play with her brother Mason and she loves cell phones (at least she did when I was out there five months ago). She called me on my birthday and sang me "Ruby" from Guitar Hero instead of happy birthday. And laughed at herself. And she sings the funniest version of "Twinkle, twinkle little star". She's so cute. I wish I got to see her more.

And here's the whole fam. They mostly make girls. I love Mason too. Don't worry, my nephews will get their own post soon. My sister Lexi (also not my sister, I just pretend) only makes boys, and Melanie has three and Shelby has one. I kind of like Jaymee too. He's really smart and funny. This is one of my all time favorite families in the world. I miss them. Even when Shelby's being a jerk on my blog. I'm glad you're okay Shel. What in the world would we do without you?

And Shelby, you must know that I love you because this took me forty hours to do, and then my computer shut down and I lost all the stuff about Mel and her girls. I will redo that later. Right now I'm going to go stick pencils in my eyes. That sounds like more fun than blogging.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So this is what my kids do in the morning when they are awake and I'm not up yet. They do puzzles. They are so cute. The other night for FHE Trav took them (without me, nice family night) to buy new puzzles. Mom needed a break. Jax is really good at them. Em requires a little too much help still for it to be that nice for me.

Seriously, my kids used to wake up and play for like an hour before they would even wake me up. They don't get into anything they're not supposed to, Jax usually gets them both a Pop-Tart, and they just play together. How did I get so lucky? Perhaps I should quit being so negligent.

Em's Boy Toy

This is Emory's boyfriend (one of many) Kason. He's a cute little boy. They get along really well when they're not screaming at each other. Sounds like most marriages.

They love the baby. I had to pick both of them off her about six times.

Em's trying to get some love.

Thanks Chels!

The little monster loves her baby paper. And she is a little monster. Poor Angie. Hope it gets better.

I always tell Angie if she wasn't so freaking cute it would be really easy to not like her.

I love when babies sleep like this, and their little arms don't reach over their heads. Oh wait, Jaxon's still don't.
I realize it may seem like I only have one niece, or like I don't love my other ones, but I do. Angie is just up here once or twice a week, and Mandi is working full time so I hardly ever see her girls. I love them just as much. It's so much more fun to have nieces - you can spoil them and not worry about the long term effects.

Monday, March 3, 2008


"Do you think if turtles had soft shells we'd eat them more? Like deep fry them like a taco? It'd be so easy."