Monday, January 28, 2008


Maybe you should invite me to look at your blog so I can see what's going on with you!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crazy Kids

We're trying to write down things our kids say that are funny and send them to Mitch so he doesn't feel like he misses out. Here was my first email to him:


The other day Trav came home from work and changed his clothes. Jax looked at him and said "Dad, thanks for getting yourself dressed. I'm really proud of you."

In his prayer the other night he said "please bless all the people who are sick and sad. And the black people."

Emory screamed at him the other day and he looked at her and said all snotty like "excuse me?"

He was being bad the other day and I asked him what his problem was and he said "I left my brain at school."


When Emory is stinky, Jaxon loves to check her butt. So the other day he kept trying to check her and she would run down the hall away from him screaming "NEVER!!!"

Oh ya, I just thought of one more. Jaxon got one of his stuffed animals dirty while climbing in the car one day, and he asked me to clean it off. I told him I would clean it off when we got where we were going because I had asked him not to get it dirty. He screamed at me, and I lifted my hand like I was going to pop his mouth. I looked at him and said "Should I do it (meaning smack his mouth) or can you be a good boy?" and he looked at me for a minute and said "Do it."

I think I've met my match.

Happy Birthday to Mom and Angie!!!

It was my mom and sister's birthday yesterday, so we had the party at our house tonight. My camera died after three pictures, but I added a few more.

Since it's my sister's birthday, I had to include a picture of her fat baby, even if it was taken a while ago. She is so freaking cute and chubby. The baby, not my sister.

Here are the birthday girls. Two of my most favorite people in the world, joined by another favorite person, my grandpa (whom I share a birthday with), and my sister Mandi and brother in law Steve. Sorry you two, you don't quite make the favorite people list yet.
My kids adore my mom (and all their grandparents). Emory NEVER gives hugs, but she gives them out freely to her grandparents. Little brat. Do you think my mom loves my kids???
And these are random pictures I included just for the heck of it. Look how my kids sleep, even when it's freezing cold. Aren't they weird???

More Guitar Hero

We love Guitar Hero, although not as much as we had hoped. Trav doesn't like to play it with me cause I beat him, and he's a sore loser at video games. Here's some fun examples of the playing we've had.

Trav and his almost twin brother Jamey rocking out. Jamey thinks we're much cooler now that we have Guitar Hero.

Ha ha. Trav's mom Chris and Jamey's friend Sara rocking out. Chris looks stoned.
This is my kids version of Guitar Hero. The Wiggles guitar, and the guitar Chad gave Jaxon for a present a while back. Every time we play they bring them out. Maybe they just want us to interact with them.
AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The stupid binky! She is so much more stubborn than even I am. But Jax is rocking that guitar.
Jax doing some sweet spin moves with his guitar. Chels, come over with your awesome camera and skills and take some pictures of family moments for me.

I Meant 10

As you'll know from the previous post, I couldn't condense Christmas into five pictures. So now we're going to try for ten.

Emory got way too much stuff that she could care less about.
Jaxon's favorite present, new cars. Whenever we asked him what he wanted for Christmas he would say "a couple new cars".
Jaxon helping Emory ride her bike while Jamey and his "friend" rock out in the background.
Ok, I had to post these two because look at his face in them. What a cheesehead. My kids are so easily entertained by a cardboard box. But they're hilarious.

So there it is - our Christmas break experience. It's always around Christmastime and summertime that I'm grateful that Trav has the job he does. Cause he can stay home and I can sleep in. And my kids think he is the coolest thing ever.'s been awhile. Obviously, Christmas came and went about a month ago. I love Christmas, and I love the snow until about the middle of January. Then I get tired of putting coats on and having to layer up every time we go outside. Life is good for us. Things are rarely bad around here. Nothing too exciting, other than Trav is applying to some PhD programs at the U. In true Travis fashion, it has been a "do it at the last minute, stress filled" experience. And he just informed me he's not done yet. Don't worry, the deadline's not for like two more days. I don't think he's too excited about going back to school. His Masters was such a hard experience, but this is something we definitely need for our future.

This month has gone by fast. I have been working again, just subbing at the jail until they found another teacher, but they hit me up with an offer I can't turn down. So I'm going back to work about ten hours a week, and it's a lot more flexible and better hours for my monkeys. I used to feel like my kids needed me at home, but every time I leave them with a sitter they run away from me and say don't come back. In fact, the other day when I was out with some friends, Jaxon was saying the prayer and said "please bless mom that she won't come home too soon". Apparently I'm not as fun as I think I am. I promise I don't hit them though. I am so blessed to have such well adjusted kids. They are awesome.

My mom and sister's birthday was yesterday, so we went to Wendover - SINNERS. It was Angie's 21st, so we thought it was okay. I don't know if my logic works, but I won $75, so I'm not going to complain too much. I won it on the penny slots too - does that even happen? It was way fun. We had the party today, so I will post pictures. I also went to the Region drill team competition (kill me) with Channa, Cherry and Chelsea (ha ha) and it was actually rather boring. Can't wait to hit the state one this weekend. Yes, I still go once a year. Travis makes fun of me enough that the rest of you don't need to. It's getting boring though. I'm thinking about stopping, unless Channa calls me next year, and then I can't pass it up. Spending the night in Provo with my favorite people and watching people dance all day? At least half of that sounds like heaven. But yet, I'll still go. And it will be fun. And my husband will still think I'm lame. Good thing he's stuck with me anyway.

Well, I'm going to condense Christmas to five pictures. Sorry you'll have to miss out on the thirteen family parties and fifteen different houses we hit. I think you'll get over it. Here we go:

Here's Jaxon with my dad. Cheeseballs. These two are the absolute best of friends. I love my dad, and his relationship with my little boy is something that makes me happiest in life.

Here's my kids at Grammy's (Trav's mom). On Christmas Eve she gave them Cars shoes and Dora shoes. They love them. Jaxon runs around in his trying to find out if Lightning McQueen is faster, or if Mater is.
My kid loves sharks. So we bought him this little shark thing. And he proceeded to eat Emory's Care Bears with it. Scary stuff.
Squirrelly little girl, but I sure do love her. She's so much fun, and this was the first Christmas she really got into. Poor Emory. She's always going to have to get ready before going anywhere in the morning.
Jaxon loves basketball now. We bought him a cheap little hoop, and he always tells us "I'm really good at this game".

So Sad

So, it's really sad that my first post in over a month has to be something sad. When I first heard the news about President Hinckley dying, I felt so sad. I always knew that I would feel sad when he died, because he has been the prophet for the most important years of my life and testimony. But then I started to feel happy for him. How awesome that he gets to be reunited with his cute little wife. I love the church so much. That we have the opportunity and the knowledge to be with those we love even after they pass on. And that Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to come back. I bet it was an awesome celebration in heaven tonight when he came back. He helped strengthen my testimony so much over the past few years, and I loved him so much even though I had never met him. I'm so relieved to know that our church will be run by the same inspiration and knowledge, even if it's not by the same man. I love the gospel and I am so grateful for it, and for the knowledge of forever families. But it will still take a while to get over this loss. I will miss him lots.