Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Card

For all those of you who sent me your addresses and didn't receive a Christmas card, don't feel too bad. I gave up this year. I'm too lazy. And I even had cute pictures to work with. But I did them last year for the first time and I just didn't get the warm fuzzy feeling I wanted, so this year I bagged it. Anyway, Trav may put together an email to send out. We'll have to see. I'm so lame. Ask me how much I care. I had better things to focus on. Like Guitar Hero.

My Husband is a Rock Star

Christmas came early at the Price household. We finally found Guitar Hero for the Wii online, and it came a few days early and we couldn't resist opening it. It's so fun. Travis is so funny. He says he can't play it unless he's dancing around. Ha ha ha. Thanks Justin and Marci for introducing us to the awesome world of Guitar Hero.
You have to love my sweet picture taking skills.

Why We Live Here

This was at about two this afternoon. Sunny and....RAINING???

Then this started. That's a little better.

And this is about 4:30 this evening. I love the snow and I love Utah. I hope it snows for five days straight, especially now that I have an SUV.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Favorite Part of Christmas

So this is the Nativity Scene Travis brought back from Brazil. It makes me laugh. And yes, it is displayed in a very noticeable part of our home because I love it so much. He wants to make a little barn to house it in. I had to prop up the baby Jesus because it makes me laugh so hard.
Ha ha. Baby Jesus is a black flower. Is this not the most hilarious thing you have ever seen???
So I have to tell a little story about our tree. I am not one of those people who likes to have a perfectly classy tree. Probably because I know I would suck at decorating it, and I don't like things that I'm not good at, so I just take the easy way out rather than learning. So the ornaments on our tree consist of some random red string things, those stupid balls that unravel (it's probably time to replace those, I just never think about it until it's too late) and some special ornaments from our wedding. This is where the story comes in.

When Travis proposed to me, there were four steps to the proposal. The first thing he did was take me up into the mountains to this special place we used to go to hang out. It's this little hammock thing his friends built. There he gave me the box that my ring came in. The next place we went was Lee's Mongolian restaurant in Ogden. There he gave me the other box my ring came in, with a little piece of paper rolled up in the shape of a ring that said "I love you". Then we went to the Nickelcade. (Don't ask, it was our first date.) I was playing a game and while I was playing he put my wedding band in one of those little round egg things that come out of vending machines and stuck it in there. Then we went to his family's cabin, and when I walked in there were two dozen roses on the table and a note that said I love you and when I turned around he got down on one knee and gave me my ring. How funny that it was so awkward, especially when we realized they had sized the ring too small and it didn't fit. Anyway, the point of me telling you this is that when he first gave me the box my ring came in up in the mountains, there were about thirty little pieces of paper in there that had reasons why he loved me. Some of my favorite examples are:

"I love you because you don't care where we go as long as we are together."
"I love you because you like to kiss me."
"I love you because you are so fun to be with."
"I love you because you pay your tithing, even when it is only $14.00."
"I love you because you are so sweet to me when you are not making fun of my squeaky voice."
"I love you because you hug me and kiss me in the car and make me wish we had a bench seat in the Jetta."
"I love you because you are the damn cutest thing in the world."
"I love you because I can read my patriarchal blessing and know that special spirit who will enter my life is you."

So, when my mom saw this, she took these special little sayings and made them into ceramic ornaments and hung them on a tree at our reception, along with tiny framed pictures of us and these cute little iron baskets. For the first few years we were married, we used this cute little tree for Christmas, but now we HAVE to have a real tree. I won't do it any other way, even if I have to vacuum six times a day. So every year, I get to take out all these ornaments and remember all the reasons my husband used to love me. Oh wait, he still loves me. He's the sweetest, most thoughtful man ever. I absolutely adore him. He's my favorite thing in the whole wide world, and he always does sweet things like this. I love you Travey.

Decorating The Tree

I always manage to look like I'm evil in pictures. Perhaps it's time for a new camera. You can see how interested the kids were in decorating the tree.
They put about four ornaments on the tree and then posed for a picture later. Otherwise, I think they couldn't have cared less about the whole process. Wait until their presents are under that three, then they'll think twice about shunning our Christmas tree decorating.
She's kind of cute. When she's not yelling "MINE" to everything and anything and sometimes nothing.

Jax says he wants to work at Weber State and Wal Mart when he grows up. Way to reach for the stars little man.

Brylee Aline Davenport

I know, I know. I've posted a thousand pictures of her, but look how cute she is!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

More of my cute kids

I like my baby and her cute new coat. She's pretty cute. Except she's REAL whiney lately. That's getting old.
Crappy picture but look at his goofy face. He's such a nerd but I love him.
He has the prettiest eyes. I kind of like that kid. He's my little man.

Sweet Baby

Aunt Katie loves babies.

Look at her poor face! She's thinking "get this kid off me!"
Emory's not sure how she feels about having a smaller baby in the house. Looks like she may not be ready to have a little brother or sister. Good thing for her that her mom isn't either.
Cute cute little baby Brylee. She is so pretty and so so sweet. Angie doesn't necessarily think she's so sweet in the middle of the night, but she was so cute when she was at our house. She just slept and let me hold her all day. I love her.
Jaxon liked her, although he's not exactly sure how to hold her. He kept walking up to her and laughing and kissing her on the head. It was cute. He thinks he wants a baby brother.